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Making Healthy Living A Habit

By Christine Antoinette A Guinto


chopping vegetables

The first few months into 2014 means one thing for a lot of people - change. Some may still be at the height of wanting to keep their New Year's Resolutions. Unfortunately though, as we approach the end of the year's first quarter, motivations start to wane. And that's when what we otherwise envisioned to be the beginning of a healthy lifestyle, goes on a downhill road.

But don't lose hope just yet. The key to sticking to your life-improving resolves is by making your healthy choices a HABIT. Here are five easy to follow tips on how you can make them so...




Juicing for Healthy Living

By Neil Anthony Jackson

Is juicing important and beneficial?

juicing for health

The live cells from the unprocessed fruits are filled with health giving nutrients. This includes all the enzymes and heat sensitive ingredients of the fruit or vegetable. The heating of cooked food destroys certain natural enzymes and certain nutrients. When fruit is there is always heat involved as well as pasteurization. This also destroys enzymes and nutrients.


To get the benefits of juicing you must use fresh fruit and vegetables, which are full of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, certain fats and oils as well as vitamins and phytonutrients. New substances are constantly being discovered in the fresh ingredients that have great benefits to our health...



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